January may bring colder temps and snow to the Northeast, mid-Atlantic.

Some chilly winter weather is in store for the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, with January threatening to bring the coldest air of the season. For most of both regions, this will translate to an above-normal snow season. New York City and Boston, Massachusetts, may be the exceptions to this, with early predictions calling for 6 inches of snowfall or more above normal in both cities. Areas prone to lake-effect snow will also see high totals, including Cleveland, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Buffalo, New York.

The Northeast and mid-Atlantic aren’t the only ones who will feel the cold blast of this winter’s La Nina. Arctic blasts are set to freeze the northern Plains this winter with temperatures sinking to subzero levels on a regular basis. Temperatures could plummet to minus 30 F at times in the Dakotas. The southern Plains will experience back-and-forth temperatures this season, with the middle of the winter being most likely to bring chilly conditions.

Will cooler temps return to the area at the end of October? Highs in the 60s and 70s will dominate from midweek on. Highs ranging from the 50s in northern New England and the upper Great Lakes to the 60s elsewhere are more common this time of year. With warm air set to make a comeback this week across the midwestern and northeastern United States, it may take until the end of October for cool weather to finally get the upper hand.

There are signs that suggest a flip in the weather pattern during the last week of October in what could lead to the first chance of sustained cool weather across the Midwest and Northeast. The result will be an extended period of near- to below-normal temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast.

By the end of October, average highs range from the 40s and lower 50s in northern New England and the upper Great Lakes to the lower 60s across the Ohio Valley and the I-95 corridor of the mid-Atlantic. Typical lows range from near 30 F to the lower 40s from north to south across these two regions.

Those planning their Halloween costumes should not let the warm spell this week lead to them shivering on the holiday. Be sure to plan to have an extra layer of clothing underneath your costume or incorporate in a jacket.

**Image credit: Accuweather**


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