Pennsylvania’s final warm week approaches soon

Pennsylvania will be seeing one of the final warm weeks for the entire state, according to The Weather Channel and AccuWeather. Unfortunately, the temperatures will start tomorrow, October 4th, 2017 – and will start to dip down on October 10th, 2017.

The region will see one of the last warm weeks of the 2017 season, in addition, this will be the week most readers will go out to see the fall leaves turn colors. There is no need to break it down city by city, however, the Eastern half of the state will remain warmer for a few extra days.

What we do know is the main warmer days are going to be October 7th, to October 10th. ANd temperatures will reach into the mid-80’s with warm sunny days, with a chance for severe thunderstorms!

We look forward to bringing you the winter models and snow forecasts in addition to our lovely snow-chaser blogs! If you haven’t already, do not forget about turning your clocks back an hour and checking your smoke alarms!


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