Cooler temperatures are on the way, but will we see any rain?

While summer officially ended on the 22nd, summer-like temperatures decided to hang around for north and southeast. Temperatures rose well above 90 in most places, heat indexes skyrocketed above 100 degrees. So, where is all of the autumn-like temperatures? We promise that Wednesday will be the last day of the heatwave.

For those who have already put away window air conditioning units and/or are looking for true fall weather, relief is coming later this week. “The same cold front responsible for eventually steering Maria out to sea will be the front that breaks this streak of record-breaking heat across the Midwest and Northeast by the end of the week,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said. A cold front marks the leading edge of advancing cooler or colder air.

The cooler air will continue to advance to the south and east, trimming temperatures and humidity values along the I-95 corridor by Thursday and Friday. Despite whisking the summer warmth away, the front will not dramatically end the dry streak that has unfolded amid this warm spell in most areas.

With the heatwave came a drop in precipitation as the high-pressure system hovered over the northeast. Parts of Pennsylvania haven’t had any precipitation in well over a week for the Pittsburgh region and over two weeks for the Philadelphia region. Abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions are occurring from the mid-Mississippi Valley to the lower Great Lakes, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

As the low-pressure system moves through, there still isn’t any guarantee that precipitation will be enough to end the drought. Levels could very well remain on the lower side which is not really the best thing for the areas that have not received any rain for weeks. This can increase the likely hood for wildfires if a certain amount of rain is not received. By the end of the week, the heat will have been erased over much of the eastern half of the nation.

*Image credit: Accuweather*


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