Tropical Storm Maria trails behind Hurricane Jose

Jose will track close enough to the northeastern United States to raise seas and winds, as well as to deliver rain to coastal areas during the first half of next week. People in coastal areas of the Northeast will need to monitor the progress of Jose, which will track northward but remain offshore of the Southeastern states this weekend. Jose to bring significant impact, even if the storm stays offshore

A hurricane does not need to make landfall to cause significant adverse effects in the northeastern United States, since the shape of the coast tends to enhance storm effects and trap ocean water. Rough surf, strong rip currents, and minor coastal flooding will be a problem along the southern Atlantic coast through Sunday.

The number and frequency of rip currents will increase along the mid-Atlantic and southern New England coast into Sunday. Breakers powerful enough to cause serious injury may reach much of the Northeast coast early next week.

Following the development of Tropical Storm Lee, budding Hurricane Maria poses a threat to Irma-devastated areas in the northern Caribbean. While it is unlikely that the storm will reach Irma’s intense strength by the time it approaches, the brisk pace of the storm means there is little time for preparations to be completed on the islands. Seas will build along the east-facing beaches of the Leeward Islands as the strengthening depression approaches on Sunday and Monday. Torrential rain and damaging winds will then increase on Monday night and into Tuesday.

While it is too early to determine whether Maria will have an impact on the United States, all interests along the Gulf and East coasts should monitor the future hurricane’s progress during the coming week.


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