Pennsylvania to have a very cold and snowy winter 2018

Pennsylvania is home to many cities, wildlife, and blizzards… but hold onto your top-hat there Mr. Frosty – we’re not saying a blizzard is coming anytime soon! But unfortunately, many services are tracking what is expected to be a very bone-chilling winter with lots of snow, and yes, more ice.


Now let’s break this down from the beginning. There is no such thing as a polar vortex within the mainstream media… it is just a click-bait message to get users to click on links. Cold temperatures exist everywhere, just look at the several ice-ages the earth has had. But we can expect cold temperatures to be sweeping into the region by mid to late October. Temperatures can reach around 40-50 degrees.

In November, temperatures will drop even further, and by the New Year comes around, we can expect those single-digit temperatures. Not only single-digit temperatures, but snow is expected to get heavier than last year. Pennsylvania only had 2-3 actual snow storms last year, but with the colder temperatures, we are expecting a larger amount of snow squalls to disrupt travel more than last year. That is just mother nature showing who is the boss.


Snow… snow… snow…. it’s white and cold, but can make someone’s Christmas come true! We are expecting a WHITE CHRISTMAS for the first time in years! Now, not everyone will see a white Christmas, but some will! Snowfall last year was so minimal, it barely made it on to the record books. This year, there is expected snow increase according to the Farmers Almanac.

Snow squalls contain heavier amounts than regular snow clouds, so localized areas make it nearly impossible to determine where and when the most snowfall will occur.


The ice-ages are not coming true, but with wet roads and colder temperatures, PennDOT will be focusing their attention to anti-icing if needed. PennDOT does an extremely well job keeping roads clear and making them safe for travelers. Next year in the early months, ice is expected between January and March in addition to snow fall.

Remember, vehicle CANNOT drive on ice. Studded tires do not make you invincible on the roadway.

Road Conditions

As stated above, roadways are kept clean by local and statewide resources. Anti-icing will come mostly in the later months, whereas plows will be more useful in the beginning!


18 thoughts on “Pennsylvania to have a very cold and snowy winter 2018

    1. Not in Texas. We have: Summer; Still Summer; a whisper of Fall/Winter; Almost Summer. Please don’t send it to NY – traveling there for the holidays.

  1. Love this forecast!! I love snow, have no problem driving in it – I drive a Subaru and sell them, too! Love the thought of a white Christmas! Maybe the haters should move further south! This is NORTH – snow and winter are part of our FOUR SEASONS!!! Businesses that are based on winter need this forecast. It’s about time!! Bring on the snow for the skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers!!!!

  2. I live & work in Lawrence County PA but my heart (family & church) is in Mahoning County OH. I’m glad to live in this region experiencing all 4 seasons. We are due for a “real” winter. I didn’t think we’d escape it forever. Embrace it and keep living the dream!

  3. I just looked at the Winter Forecast in the Farmers Almanac. They say it will be colder than last Winter, but last Winter wasn’t very cold. So, we will have more snow, but not tons more.

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