A wet Tuesday for Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

A cold front running into a warm, humid air mass will lead to showers and thunderstorms developing across the interior Northeast to the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday. Many labor day plans will be spared, but the days following the holiday aren’t looking too promising. While some of the rain and storms may bring locally gusty winds, the greatest threat during these days will be slow-moving downpours and flash flooding. With periods of heavy rain falling over the same areas for a couple of days, there will be some flooding of roads and poor drainage areas. Flooding of small streams and creeks is also not out of the question.

Why so much rain? An enhanced moisture will surge along the Eastern Seaboard Wednesday and will help fuel the rain. Showers and thunderstorms will also erupt across the mid-Atlantic to the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday and will bring disruptive downpours.

Rainfall amounts can vary from 0.50 to 2.00 inches for some places, which raises the risk of flash flooding for lower lying places and flood risk areas. Following the rain midweek, residents along the eastern seaboard will want to continue to track Hurricane Irma for any additional preparation measures and extra rainfall that may be possible.

Relief in the form of cooler and drier air will follow the cold front across the Ohio Valley and Tennessee Valley on Wednesday. To continue to receive statewide forecasts, follow the Pennsylvania Weather Authority for updated articles.

*Image credit: Accuweather*


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