Harvey to make landfall, Friday night or early Saturday morning.

A hurricane warning is in effect from Port Mansfield to Sargent along the Texas coast. A hurricane watch covers from Port Mansfield to the mouth of the Rio Grande. There also is a tropical storm warning north of Sargent to High Island and south of Port Mansfield to the mouth of the Rio Grande. A tropical storm watch was in effect from south of the mouth of the Rio Grande to Boca de Catan, Mexico. Additionally, a storm surge warning is in effect for Port Mansfield to High Island, and a storm surge warning was issued for Port Mansfield to Sargent.

The cautions from the NHC indicate that Harvey, assuming the hurricane makes landfall, is expected to bring a total of 15 to 25 inches of rain to the Texas coast between Friday and Wednesday, with up to 35 inches of rain in isolated areas. Rainfall will also affect Louisiana and Mississippi, and bring “devastating and life-threatening conditions.

Hurricane Harvey intensified overnight and is expected to strike the Texas coast on Friday night or early Saturday, the National Hurricane Center said. Up to 35 inches (97 cm) of rain are expected over parts of Texas, with winds up to 125 mph, and sea levels may surge as high as 12 feet (3.7 meters). Louisiana could get 10 to 15 inches of rain. Flood warnings are in effect for Louisiana and northern Mexico.


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