Why NASA hopes to learn more about the suns impact on Earth, during the eclipse.

On August 21, a solar eclipse will stretch from Oregon to South Carolina providing a once in a lifetime view.

The eclipse can impact us right here at home.

During the solar eclipse, the Corona or the outside region of the Suns atmosphere will be exposed.

This is a region where all of the “action” happens and that tends to impact us right here on earth.

The Sun constantly throws off huge amounts of energy called solar flares and large amounts of solar material that can create a harsh environment for astronauts in space.

That can interfere with technology, GPS systems, communication signals for ships and airplanes. In the worst case scenario, flares and bits of solar material can impact our power grids.

If you are planning on being in the path of totality, be sure to wear your super cool eclipse glasses to protect your eyesight!


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