Cooler temperatures to blanket the northeast.

Good news for those who aren’t fans of the heat! Waves of cooler air will continue to drop in from Canada and will keep prolonged heat waves at bay across the northeastern United States into August.

What does this mean for the northeastern US? A southward dip in the jet stream is likely to be a semi-permanent feature over the Great Lakes and Northeast through at least the middle of the summer. That’s correct, lower electric bills may be on the horizon, as many will not need to use their air conditioners!

There will still be some brief switches back to heat during the period, however, temperatures in parts of the northern tier and the central Appalachians will occasionally dip into the lower 60s and even the 50s in some cases at night in the coming weeks. Good news for most residents.

Each wave of cool air will crash into moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Each collision will likely be accompanied by a bout of showers and thunderstorms.

Any thunderstorm in the middle of the summer can become heavy and gusty at the local level. Compared to average, this type of setup can lead to a greater amount of flash flooding and severe weather incidents over large tracts of the region.

Temperatures may vary by 15 to 20 degrees in a few areas, but don’t expect high levels of humidity and heat over the next coming weeks.


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