Overnight Storms Trigger more flash flooding in Indiana County.

As heavy rain made its way through parts of Pennsylvania early Friday morning, a flash flood warning was in effect until 8:45 am this morning. Heavy rain from these storms triggered flash flooding in Indiana County, leaving some residents without power, and flooded homes and roadways.

The National Weather Service said emergency management officials reported multiple flooded roadways and several hundred flooded basements shortly after 5 a.m. Emergency officials told news sources, that they received 30 to 40 reports of flooded basements not only in Indiana Borough, but in White Township as well. Water levels reached four feet in some homes.

Parts of Wayne Avenue down to Carter Street, looked like a pond, officials said. This isn’t the first storm to bring flooding to the area recently. Remnants of Tropical Depression Cindy, left Wayne Avenue and surrounding areas partially underwater.

Water levels receded partially by the time news sources arrived at the scene. An eye witness Joe McCombie  made this statement: “The neighbor had firewood stacked. The firewood and railroad ties they’re out in the street and it’s going to be cleaned up sooner than later, so I just started myself cleaning it up,” he said.

The owner of the firewood came out to help once he realized what had happened. “We just went through this a couple weeks ago with the other flood. It was up to my shorts. The wood pile stayed for that, but didn’t work this time. Part of living in a flood zone,” Kevin Lazor said.

Volunteer firefighters pumped water out of the basement of some homes. One basement had five feet of water in it and it knocked over a washer and dryer.

In southern Indiana County, the National Weather Service said radar estimates showed up to three and a half inches of rain had fallen over drainage basins that feed Blacklick Creek. Indiana County Emergency Management responded to multiple reports of flooded homes in Indiana Borough and White Township. Also, a water rescue was underway on Old Route 119 in West Wheatfield Township around 3:45 a.m.

The Red Cross is assisting in clean up, and handing out clean up kits to anyone available to help.



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