TRACKING: Severe weather today sweeps Pennsylvania

The NWS SPC outlook has not changed much for Day 1, but, we have ‘FutureCast’ which will indicate where the sporadic cells will start to “fire”, and which way these cells will begin to take shape. We expect strong, moderate-lived storms that will fire in Eastern Ohio, and continue to fire in Beaver, Lawrence, and Mercer counties.

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2:00PM – Storms will begin to develop in South East and Eastern Ohio.

5:00PM – Moisture levels in crease and storms will start to fire in Mercer, Lawrence, Butler Counties

6:00PM – The 5PM storms will continue Eastward and cause multiple spin-off cells

7:00PM – The 5/6PM storms continue intensifying east, while smaller cells develop in far Western PA

8:00PM – A few intense thunderstorms will sweep Western PA and die off within an hour


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