Sneezy, wheezy, and itchy eyes! Pollen counts are on the rise.

Temperatures will reach the mid eighties today which is not to be as hot as yesterday, across most of the state. With warmer temperatures, pollen indexes rise. Here is a look at your temperature and pollen forecast for today.

Temperatures will remain in the mid eighties throughout much of the day as storms make their way through later this afternoon and evening. Temperatures will drop late tonight and into Friday.

Tree pollen is on the rise across much of the state and will remain on the higher side today and drop slightly for tomorrow. Allergens usually increase right before rain and storms move through, which may cause some respiratory problems for folks who are sensitive to allergens. Below is a map for the grass pollen index, which also remains on the higher side today.

Allergens will drop as the temperatures drop throughout the rest of the week and weekend. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s allergen forecast.


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