90-degree weather scheduled for Wednesday

A major warm-front will be sweeping Pennsylvania, and yes, temperatures will be reaching near 90-degrees on Wednesday!

Even though today, Monday, will be less than 70-degrees – do not fear! The warm air will be coming in tomorrow which will cause the atmosphere to gradually warm for the summer time. But please note, non-severe thunderstorms are expected to “fire” over Ohio, bringing us warmth but also rain. High winds are also expected, but the forecast is really unclear if we will see severe-criteria thunderstorm cells or not.

Pittsburgh, PA Forecast

State College, PA Forecast

Philadelphia, PA Forecast

The NWS SPC Outlook for Day 2 highlights thunderstorms for Erie County, and surrounding areas.

The NWS SPC Outlook has indicated non-severe thunderstorms for Wednesday, but the uncertainty is how well the atmosphere can hold together.


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