The tornado warning chase yesterday

As I sit here and think about what to type, I have one word. Amazing. This was the first actual chase I had where I had a co-pilot. Even better, he knew about weather and what to look for! Not many chasers are lucky to have a co-pilot/navigator during chasing. Dean and Laura were alone yesterday, which was a bit worrisome since we were under an Enhanced Risk and tornado watch.

I picked up my navigator just north of Butler, and we started heading south to Saxonburg, PA. They have a history of tornadoes and funnels since it’s so flat. When we pulled in, it was probably only 6-minutes we were setting when we noticed an updraft started over Knoch High/Middle School. Next, I heard Dean call out a tornado warning and we was unaware the NWS issued one until a few seconds later. We quickly, and safely, started to head north to where we came from since the warning was placed right over top of my navigators house.

We approached the “largest” hill in the area which has a nice pull-off and we were able to gather a view of the entire system, including the wall cloud. Overall, this was a great day. We had no equipment failures and the AINA PTT Voice Responders worked out EXTREMELY well! Zello kept a quick and dedicated LTE PTT solution, and the Feniex light controllers and emergency lights worked out extremely well during the emergency call right after the chase. This was an amazing chase day, and you can view the adventures of yesterday by watching the short video of the chase.



4 thoughts on “The tornado warning chase yesterday

  1. Would u please put your copyrighted message to the top or corner. Make it hard for us to see the structure of the storm.

    1. We have to do this otherwise news media will rebroadcast it without paying us for our work. It happened last year to many chase teams and it’s sad we have to prevent them from stealing it.

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