Recap of Thursday’s storms

It’s finally Friday and the weather is gorgeous. Thursday evening, 4/27/17, a cold front passing through triggered strong storms. I was in position ready for an intercept by 5:00 pm. My target area was northern Butler County. Around 4:00 pm, light rain showers moved through the area. Behind it was a line of storms forming. There was just enough sun to make the atmosphere unstable. Instability is one of the ingredients required for storms to form. There was a nice looking storm cell on radar moving northeast past Youngstown, Ohio. But the one I had my eye on was moving northeast from south eastern Ohio. That storm was severe when it moved through Beaver County, PA. It had a hail signature on radar. I drove west and was able to get a bird’s eye view of the storm as it moved through western Butler County.  The storm was not severe at my time of intercept. I measured a 12 mph wind gust with my anemometer. Luckily, there was no damage from the storms. Here are some pictures from my storm chase.

Watching a storm move through the Youngstown, Ohio area.  I was in northern Butler County.

Sitting near West Sunbury, PA observing the storm approaching from the southwest.

Another view of the storm.

This storm had a photogenic shelf cloud.

Here is my footage I took of the storm.



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