Strong Storms Thursday Evening

Happy Thursday everyone. It feels like a summer morning. High temperature is forecast to be in the low 80’s. Strong storms are in the forecast despite the beautiful morning. According to the Storm Prediction Center, all of western PA is under “marginal” risk for storms. That means isolated severe storms are possible. Storms will fire up along the cold front. Impacts from these storms include damaging winds, large hail, and brief downpours. According to the National Weather Service, timing for these storms are between 2 pm and 10 pm. Don’t let the sunshine fool you. The sun’s rays are heating up the atmosphere which will result in instability. Instability is on of the ingredients for storms. Cloud cover will limit instability reducing the chances for storms.
Today is a day to be weather savvy. Know the differences between a watch and a warning. A severe thunderstorm watch means that the ingredients are present for storms to fire up. When under a watch, listen to local media for any warnings. Also keep an eye to the sky if outdoors and stay close to shelter in case a storm would approach. A severe thunderstorm warning means the storm in imminent or happening. Seek shelter and monitor local media. Remember, “when thunder roars, head indoors.” Wait until at least a half hour after the storm passes to resume outdoor activities. People need to be paying attention to the weather today with the threat of storms.


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