Rising temperatures make way for severe storms

  • The Northeast will enjoy a taste of summer late this week into the weekend and some cities, including Washington D.C., could record their first 90-degree day of the year. The jet stream will bulge northward into eastern Canada to allow a warm, southerly wind flow to develop across the East, which will send temperatures to the warmest readings of the year so far in parts of the region. The warmth will begin to build in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic Wednesday, but by Thursday it will feel summery as highs reach the 80s from western and central New York into Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. These temperatures are 15 to 30 degrees above average for the final week of April. As the temperatures rise, the severe weather threat increases.

At least a marginal risk for a few storms capable of isolated damaging wind gusts and hail is expected from the Southeastern states into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes on Thursday. It is likely that storms will be ongoing from middle Tennessee into Alabama and the Florida panhandle. This activity could pose an ongoing severe risk as it continues east during the morning  into the early afternoon. Low mid-level winds will gradually shift north of this region in association with a shortwave trough moving northeast through the Ohio valley and the Great Lakes. This may serve as a limiting factor for a longer duration, organized severe threat. The Ohio Valley and Great Lakes will be monitored for a possible slight risk for severe storms in future updates.


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