Large hail, isolated tornadoes, gusty winds, tonight

Tonight and through tomorrow, we can expect to see a significant and possibly dangerous storm system move through the area. We will break it down area by area, and day by day.


Wednesday Night will bring a potentially dangerous storm system. This includes gusty winds upto 70-MPH, and isolated tornadoes with spin-ups very possible due to the atmospheric conditions being just right for convection. Downdrafts in upwards of 70 MPH winds can be very likely.

Tomorrow, some gusty winds and mostly rain-storms will move through, causing a hazard of flooding, especially in low-laying areas.



Tonight you can expect gusty winds and some stray showers to occur.

Tomorrow, SPC has issued an outlook for hazardous weather and you should be alert to possibly stronger storms than tonight.



Do not expect much tonight for severe weather.

Tomorrow, especially in the most-southern blue part will include a TORCON of 3, this indicates there is a significant chance of a tornado occurring, according to The Weather Channel.


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